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The Island Breeze shop

What kind of shop is the Island Breeze Shop ? What sort of place is the Busena Resort ?
Every answer to your question is here.

The Island Breeze Shop has three areas of pride

First Pride: An exceptional location

You have probably already heard about the sumptuous Busena Resort, constructed in harmony with the luxurious nature that surrounds it.
Even the famous hotel inside the Busena Resort has adopted the concept of unity with nature and is doing its best to protect it.
Other parts of the Busena Resort also have assets to be proud of. For example, at the Bankokushinryokan, the 26th Worldwide Eight Nation Summit took place.
Last but not least, a great Marine Park is located inside of the Busena Resort. It is in that beautiful and pleasant place that the Busena Resort is situated.

  • Here is the Shop.Along the blue sea... Isn't it a beautiful place?

  • And now a view from the sidewalk.

  • If you follow the sidewalk from the Busena terrace to the underwater observatory..

  • When you see the pier with a white and blue striped roof you are just a few steps away from our shop with the red tiled roof.

  • Take the red Shuttle Bus and get off at the Marine House bus station.

  • Here is the entry. Welcome.

Parking cost at the Busena Resort for the Island Breeze customer: 1000yen→Free!

Second Pride: Equipment

To host you in the best condition we provide you with the needed equipment. Everyday we treat our materials with care to make your course as comfortable as possible.

  • Snorkeling equipment and wetsuits

  • Scuba Diving equipment and diving tank

  • The Island Breeze

Third Pride: Customers and Staff

Customers staying at the hotel, customers from the entire world, customers staying at hotels nearby that come to spend some time at Island Breeze, and customers that did us the honor to come from from places as far away as Naha, every year it is a pleasure to see you again.

Come and have fun with our staff, they are from the bottom of the heart reliable and cheerful.


A short presentation on the pacifying Busena Terrace that is a 5 star worldwide resort.

The Busena Resort, is a luxurious Resort situated at the Busena cape of Nago.

The Busena Terrace also adopted the concept of harmony with nature along with the infrastructure composing the area.

At the East side of the Onna shore, also designed as a quasi national park, the biggest resort area of Okinawa is nothing less than a succession of beautiful landscape.

The shining sun, the green emerald sea, wide white sand beaches, and luxurious vegetation are the charms of this subtropical place.

Experience the beautiful sinking sun, down to the China Sea: a romantic sunset surrounded by luxurious nature in a place where the time seems to pass slower. There is an intense relaxation here that we can't enjoy in big cities.

For more details about the Busena Resort please refer to the blogs below. here

The Busena terrace seen from the sea

The busena terrace towering above the transparent sea and the coral reef,

North part of the principal Island of Okinawa, paradise of charm spreading around the Nago Busena cape...the busena Resort

The luxury and refinement of The Busena Terrace is already known to all.

The sea is at its best viewed from the Busena Terace.

When it`s sunny even the reef of the bottom of the ocean becomes visible.

The Island Breeze staff doesn't have the chance to see this scenery every day, but instead we can gaze out on the Busena Terrace from the sea.

We can also view the scenery while doing boat snorkeling.

Try to enjoy the beautiful landscape from a different point, it's worth it .

The private beach and the poolside

The busena terrace web site


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