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Recurrent questions

About diving, course contents, transportation system to come to Busena, about security, the most asked questions are answered bellow:
If your questions haven't been answered yet, do not hesitate to ask us, even about small details. Our staff that knows better than anyone the sea of Busena will be glad to answer questions about your concerns and doubts.

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About Course

Is it possible for someone in possession of a diving certificate and an unexperimented diver to dive together?

Yes it is. But since the point of diving and the depth isn't the same for fun diving and experience diving, both participants will have to dive at the experience diving point.

If you intend to fill up the application file for experience diving, please note in the remarks "1 licensed diver". If you intend to apply for experience diving and fun diving (rental equipments are not included in the price), please note in the remarks "I wish go to the same time as experience diving"

I would like to do Skin diving but my followers want to do snorkeling.
Can we do it together?

Yes, even if it is two different courses you can participate all together.

With the course of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., we can lead you to a point where you can enjoy the beautiful sea of Busena only 3 minutes away from the coast by boat, for skin diver and snorkeler.
Snorkeling consists in watching the sea world from the surface with a life jacket, a mask and a snorkel. Skin diving consists in diving freely without a life jacket. To go to the point of snorkeling and skin diving, we use the same boat, but we also use the same sea part to have fun all together.

I have a diving licence but I didn't dive for 20 years. Can I participate to the fun diving course even thought?

At the Island Breeze Shop, it is possible to do a "refreshing course", for guest feeling unconfident or for people that didn't dive for a while. To dive in the best conditions, please feel free to explain to our staff member your worries.

During the kids snorkeling, what if the child can't use the equipment?

Our staff members will guide the child and make their bests to make the child confident. But if the child really doesn't want to look in the water with the equipment, instead of a snorkel, we have some special equipment for children that enable the child to see the fishes even thought.

For the parent-child pack, even an uncle can participate?

Of course, the pack consisted of an adult and a child, even if the adult isn't the parent of the child, there is no problem.

Does the teaching material and received kit for the short course for the PADI diving license really change from a shop to another?

Yes really. The difference can be the choice of the pedagogical materiel that is given to the applicant. The price variation can also have an influence on the quality of the teaching. At Island Breeze, we choose our materiel carefully in order to guaranty the best teaching. Even after the short course, your pedagogical materiel can still be use.

There are some cheaper shops that propose a short course for the diving license. But what is the difference?

For example, there are school that are really cheap but you have to pay for the rental material, or sometimes you even have to buy the material by yourself.

Basically, schools that make their participants enter the water from the beach are relatively cheaper.

at Island Breeze,the price to obtain the scuba diving licence "open water"includes testes, log book and other teaching materiel, the cost of application to the C card and the set of rental equipment. So basically, there is no other cost, only the course cost.


Is there some age period more appropriate than other ?

Of course some period in life can make you feel a bit weak, but to do diving and snorkeling you don't need to swim fast or do a lot of effort, so you can enjoy the course with your own rhythm.
A lot of people of 50 or 60 years old participate to the snorkeling courses without difficulties.

We even had a participant of 82 year old. If you are healthy, your age doesn't matter.

Can a person of more than 70 year old participate to the experience diving class? In other shop it wasn't possible for age restriction reasons.

Yes. We don't impose any age restrictions.
With the check that we do before the course, we can verify if everything is alright. In this way, every healthy person can participate. The will to try to dive have nothing to do with the age of our participants.
If you have been refused before, we will be glad to welcome you, so come without any fears

Can I dive even if I am ill ?

It is necessary to be careful in case of heart problem. People that experienced an heart attack, arrhythmia or chronic high blood pressure have to be careful.
In any case, it is recommended to talk to a specialist about your project of diving, and to make sure the Instructor is aware of your condition

My friends can't participate to the diving course; can I dive even if I am alone?

It is true that being alone for the first time can be a bit discouraging. But actually a lot of people began to dive alone. And don't worry, since you have the same interest, you will become friend with the other participant really soon.
If you are hesitating because your friends will have to wait for you, don't worrySince our course is short, and since the Busena Resort has a lot of marine activity, they won't be bored at all.

I can't swim, can I participate to the snorkeling course or the diving course ?

A lot of people consider that to swim …
In the case of diving, we are using what we called a regulator to breathe, so there is no need to worry about that.
Even if you lose your regulator while diving, it's really easy to take it back, and our staff is always ready to help you.
EA lot of people that couldn't swim already participate, so don't hesitate anymore.

I think I have a pretty bad physical condition, can I participate to the diving course or the snorkeling course?

When we are talking about diving, it has almost no effect if you are a sportive person or not.
Moreover, the floating power will help you to move without too much effort. People over 60 year old, and even people over 70 year old have enjoyed diving with us. But you must think that the tank might be heavy... Then I advise our boat diving course.
You don't have to travel far away with a tank on your back, and there is no need to speed up so you can take it easy and enjoy. And since the main point of diving is accessible by boat, you can also enjoy a boat travel.

I heard that the point of diving and snorkeling is accessible by boat, but I am scared to get seasick.

The points of diving and snorkeling are in the area of 3 to 10 minutes by boat. If your still worried, we have some tips for you.

■Sleep enough the day before.
■Try to avoid eating too much or too less (in other words, take a light meal)
■In the boat, try to be in the middle or at the back of the boat (the front part of the boat is the one that sway the most)
■Don't look down, look at something far away that doesn't move
■Try not to feel cold
■Fun diving participants are the ones that left the boat first (their equipments are ready)
■Try not to think about the fact that you might be ill.

For the diving course participants, since the…is stronger in the water, it is not recommended to take some medicine again seasick. If you are worried, please make sure the instructor is aware of your fears.

Are there some dangerous animals in the sea?

The dangers in the sea are quite the same as on the land
We can't pretend there aren't little dangers, but there is nothing to be particularly afraid of.
being hurt, the first step is to recognize what can be a danger.
For example, the dangerous shark you can see in movies can make you think all shark are dangerous, but that is not true.
If you are conscious of what animal can be lightly dangerous and how to prevent being hurt, there is nothing to fear.


I would like to come by rental car, is there any parking place?

Yes, at the entry of the Busena resort, directly on your right, there is a parking (normally 1000 yen) but the guests of the Island Breeze shop can park for free. You just have to say to the guard at the entry that you are going to the Island Breeze shop.

After the course, is there a place where I can change my clothes?

At the shop, we have a small shower place that also serves as a changing room. After your course, you can take a shower to remove the salt; don't hesitate to ask the staff.
There are also some electrical appliances like a hair dryer that you can use freely.


What kind of clothes should I wear?

Even in Okinawa the water is not warm the whole year.
From November to June, you will have to wear a thick wetsuit. But don't worry, our rental material is free.
During the summer, for some colder day or even for people that fears getting sunburn, you can wear a thin wetsuits.

Please come to the shop with a swimsuit, towels and beach sandal.
If you think you are going to be cold, you can also bring something to wear over your swimsuit.
Don't hesitate to ask us about the water temperature.

Is it possible to do diving or snorkeling if I wear glasses, or contact lenses?

It is possible to use some special masque equipped with lenses at the Island Breeze shop. It is also possible to keep your contact lenses while doing diving or snorkeling.

Can I bring my waterproof camera ?

Yes, you can. However, please keep in mind that we can not take any responsibility if the camera is lost or damaged. Please make sure that your camera is tightly sealed if it is in a waterproof case. We do offer rental digital cameras that work in depths up to 14 meters. There are a limited number of these cameras so please tell us if you would like one when making your reservation.


Can you please explain to me how to read the timetable?

Click on the day of your choice: the schedule of the day will appear (as in the pictures bellow).

I applied from the reservation form, but I did not get the confirmation e-mail.

I subscribe with the reservation formular but I didn't receive the confirmation mail.
Sorry for the trouble, but the best solution is to call us to this number: (0980-54-1520)
The origin of the problem can be a system trouble or the internet service provider, a little delay, or a receive error. To be sure, please refer to the explanation bellow.

■If you are checking your mail on your phone :
Try to check your mails again with the common settings activated.

■If you are checking your mail on your computer:
It is possible that a protection against unwanted mail is activated. Check in the junk mailbox.

I would like to know a bit about the cancelation fee.

If you canceled for personal reason: a cancelation the day before the activity will cost you 50% of the price of the activity. If the cancelation is the same day as the activity, it will cost you 100% of the price of the activity.

Is there a time when I should change or cancel the course?

It all depends on the condition of the sea. There are cases where the course will change to a safer place if the sea is rough that day, or the course may be cancelled. The best point for the course is about 3 minutes away by boat. However, if the boat can not leave port due to the sea condition we may do the course at a beach point. (If the course is done at the beach your time will change)

Why did you call us by 18:00 the day before the course?

It is important for us to be able to contact you the day before the course for a number of different reasons. Depending on the state of the sea we have to take safety into consideration so we may be contacting you to let you know if the course will be changing, if the time of the course will be changing, or if the course is going to be cancelled. We are sorry to trouble you by phone, but it is important that we are able to contact you and confirm the details of the course the day before it starts.


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