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Easy boat Snorkeling!

Required time:75min

Great coral snorkeling for the first time!

Boat snorkeling at Busena Resort :
If you want to participate in a pleasant course for both young and old, touch aquatic wildlife with your own hands, and feed some cute tropical fish then this course is for you! We take a beautiful 3 minute boat ride away from the Busena Terrace to the snorkeling site. Even people who get seasick can enjoy this course without any trouble. Only at the Busena Resort.

Boat snorkeling: course overview

Cost of the course online
4,320 yen with taxes

(5,400 yen at the shop)

■Required time : about 75 minutes
1. April to 30. September / 9:15 - 11:45 - 14:15
1.October to 31. March / 10:30 - 13:30

What to bring with you:
■Swimwear (if possible, already wear it under your clothes when you come to the shop)
■Towel ■Flip flops or other beach foot wear

Included in the cost
■Training and explanation ■Rental material (full set)
■Insurance ■Transport by boat ■Instructor
■Premises ■Taxes included
■Friendly staff member

Participation conditions:
■over 6 years old
※Children under 8 years old should be used to the sea
※No maximum age. For safety reasons a blood pressure examination will be done at the shop for people over 60 years old.
■Have a healthy body
■Love tropical fishes
■Love the sea

Before the course participants will have to fill out an agreement paper.
For minor participants the agreement paper will have to be filled out by one of the parents or a guardian.
If the minor comes alone, the parents or the guardian should download the document below and fill it out.
The minor will have to present it at the Island Breeze Shop.




Come to Island Breeze where our amazing staff will greet you. We will have all of your equipment laid out for you for when you arrive. You will change into your wet suit and make sure everything (snorkel mask, wet suit, life jacket, and fins) fit okay.

■Course Description

Our instructors will explain how to use all of the equipment. We will demonstrate the correct way to use everything, and have you practice to make sure you are comfortable using it. We will also go over the flow of the course and answer any questions you may have before heading to the boat.

■Set up

Before we head to the boat we will make sure you have your life jacket on. When we are on the boat and have arrived at the snorkeling point we will spray the snorkeling mask so that it does not fog up while you are in the water. We will have you put your fins and mask on before entering the water.


One of our instructors will enter the water first. We have a floating board with us so that if you would like something to hold onto while you are in the water you can. We have stairs located at the back of the boat so you can enter the water easily. Once you are in the water we will have you put your face in the water to make sure your mask is on properly.

■Fish feeding

We will snorkel and look at all of the amazing fish. We have fish food with us that we will give to you to feed the fish. Many of them will come very close to you while you are feeding them.


When we are all finished we will swim back towards the boat. You will climb back up the stairs located on the back of the boat. One of our instructors will stay in the water until everyone is back on the boat.

■Return to port

Once everyone is back on the boat we will return to Island Breeze. Enjoy the beautiful view on the way back.

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