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Easy boat Snorkeling!

Required time:75min

Great coral snorkeling for the first time!

Boat snorkeling at Busena Resort :
If you want to participate to a pleasant course for (a vast public of) young and old, to touch with your own hands aquatic wildlife and feed some cute tropical fishes, this course is made for you. 3minutes away by boat from the Busena Terrace, even seasick people can enjoy the course without trouble. Only at the Busena Resort.

Boat snorkeling: course overview

Cost of the course on line
4,320 yen with taxes

(5,400 yen at the shop)

■Required time : about 75 minutes
1. April to 30. September / 9:15 - 11:45 - 14:15
1.October to 31. March / 10:30 - 13:30

What to bring with you:
■Swimwear (if possible already wear it under your clothes when coming to the shop)
■Towel ■Flipflops or other beach footwear

Included in the cost
■training and explanation、■Rental material (full set)
■insurance、■Transport by boat、■instructor
■premises、■taxes included
■Friendly staff member

Participation conditions:
■over 6 year old
※Child under 8 years old should be used to the sea
※No maximum age. For safety reason a blood pressure examination will be done at the shop for people over 60 year old
■Have an healthy body
■To love tropical fishes
■To love the sea

Before the course, participant will have to feel an agreement paper. For minor participant the agreement of one's parents or guardians.
If the minor comes alone, the parents or the guardian should download the document bellow and fill it up. The minor will have to present it at the Island Breeze Shop.




■Course Description

■Set up


■Fish feeding


■Return to port

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